Wednesday, June 5, 2019

End of May Start of June Photos

Summer has arrived. Well almost. The girls are out of school and Isaac finishes up this week. Feels so good to be outside!!!!

I am also loving riding the bike for local errands. Last week we rode to Whole Foods for a small grocery run. Mary rode her bike along side me and I just had Emma and Thomas on the back of mine. I had taken all three to their dentist appointment a few weeks prior and whoa it was a killer. Much easier with just two kiddos than three. So now that Mary is pretty confident on her bike it's fun to ride with her on her own bike. Emma really wants to ride her own but she's not quite as fast on the tricycle. We did however let the kids all ride their bikes to this same location Memorial Day Monday. Kyle and I walked pushing Thomas and the three big kids rode their bikes.  

Next day of the week, still outside riding bikes! 

Caught Thomas sorting money, :-)

Isaac had a dentist appointment mid May and they found a cavity so he had to go back in to get it filled. Did great, Kyle took him right after school on Monday the 20th.

Boys reading books on the top bunk. 

Kids watching for daddy to arrive home one day. 

Thursday, May 23rd I gave Harpo a haircut, way over due! He feels and looks so much better. Everytime I trim him I say I'm not going to wait as long next time. He was matted I had to cut a lot out so the trim isn't the best. And his poor back is so boney. He is pretty thin these days even though we feed him tons. I couldn't get the clippers that close to his skin on his back because of his bones. 
 May 25th - Saturday we went for a bike ride to dinner in uptown.

 Sunday after church we went to get a couple of bushes and bags of mulch to replace the ones that died. I had also planted my flower boxes a few days before. We moved some ground coverage I had tried to spread on the side and replaced it with the wood-chips that were there before. Moved the ground coverage down to by the side walk, maybe it'll do better there.

We went for a walk to the beach and hit up triangle park on the way home. There was a badmitten net and racks there so we played a little game.

Baseball in the back yard over memorial day weekend.

We watched our friend's dog over Memorial Day weekend. Harpo enjoyed having company and the extra attention it brought :-)

Taking my new bike for a spin around the block. Mary right at my side.

Sunday after camping we wen to the beach. Everyone wanted to swim but it ended up just being me and Mary because the water was COLD!

Mary loves to walk to the bus stop in the morning, she's ready to get on it herself but has to wait until the fall.

We are spending much of our time outside these days, riding bikes in the front. Monday I started a race and timed them going around a loop. They had fun taking turns and getting timed. Thomas wore footie PJs while camping (he doesn't normally) and pulled them out this day for me to put on him.

Mary loves biking!

Video of Thomas. This is 23 months :-) 

This photo was snapped by Thomas.

These came home in Isaac's backpack. I love his bucket list and already typed up a check list so he can keep track of what we do. I'm not so sure about the swimming 6 miles but I'm willing to let him attempt it. He read the most books in his class, that total count is CHAPTERS and books. He is reading chapter books now so would tally each chapter for his reading log. I guess his teacher counted them all up for the year. He actually missed a few weeks turning it in so it'd probably even be higher, he is a lover of books.

Isaac had a great year of chess on Friday's. Even got this awesome trophy!

Tuesday night we checked out a new restaurant Lucky Cricket. Mary spotted this truck on her way to the bathroom and was so excited to show us all when we were done eating.

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