Wednesday, April 28, 2021

OKC Spring Break Trip Day 2 March 25 Science Museum

Thursday morning we went out for breakfast at a place we had heard about before driving down. As you can see Mary was quite hangry at this point, so lovely traveling with four little ones. 

Once the food arrived everyone was a little better. We had to split up since our party was so big. 

Then we went to the Science Museum. Luckily our Wichita membership got us in for a discount. It was a great science museum. We started off with a science show:

We took a break and left for lunch. Then came back to finish up the exploring and make sure we hit EVERY exhibit, lol. We closed the place down. 

The kids waited in line to ride the Segway. 

There was a pie shop right around the corner from our AirBnB so we picked up some pie for dessert that night. I think we ordered pizza and had that at the house for dinner. 


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