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Oklahoma City Sunday March 15, 2020

Sunday, March 15th we took a spontaneous trip to Oklahoma City. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry I'd been researching yoga teacher trainings. What I REALLY want to do is Modo Yoga teacher training, which involves a month away then followed by an 11 month distance learning project. Good thing about that training is it's a 500 hour certification. Where as most everything else (and all I need to teach at the YMCA) is a 200 hour cert. But being away for a month straight will be the hard part. Still kinda trying to decide, this COVID-19 has put a hold on everything, but I might need it to gain my sanity back after all this. 

Anyway, I looked into baptiste style training and the closest one was in OKC, there happen to be a training coming up and an education session Sunday night so we decided to head down to check out the city and allow me to attend the info session. Also it would add a new state to the kids maps so they were excited about that.  

Oh I forgot to mention in all this, Kyle and I were doing a 21 day reset detox nutrition program. It's very strict in what you can eat and you have to take supplements at certain times of the day. It really is an amazing program and we are so happy we did it 100%. It made us feel amazing and gave our body and mind the reset it needed. It's recommended to do in a low stress time of life so having COVID-19 go down right in the middle of it presented a challenge, but we didn't let that derail us and we stuck with it. Kyle has had some gut problems and this has so far healed him of what he was dealing with. It's been a transition to introduce protein back into our diets but protein is so hard on the gut to begin with, be aware of what is worse than others if helpful in making nutrition decisions moving forward. 

First we checked out this little area of OKC called Paseo 

Then our goal was to go to the Art Museum and see the work of Dav Chihuly... we arrived to find it CLOSED!!!!! This was their official first day of being closed for COVID-19. SO sad and made it so real! I'm writing this weeks later so things have def changed since then but it sure was disappointing driving all that way to find it closed. Made us feel like we were visiting OKC on Christmas Day. So much was closed down, we ended up doing a driving tour of THE ENTIRE CITY. So on a positive side we saw way more than we would have, had we visited the art museum all afternoon. 

Really wanted to see this up close, but here's a shot through the window. It was SOOOO tall you can see how big it was in that above photo with our van for size reference. 

Drove by the state capital. 

And the area called Bricktown. We even drove by the horse races and saw the last race for the day. That was fun to pull up on and as soon as they took off the starter trailer rolled off the track for the day. 

The kids were antsy from being in the van, but it was COLD outside. We found a park anyway and it was SOOOO nice. In our short visit to OKC we wished Cargil had their offices there instead of Wichita, lol. It was so much nicer. The park was pristine, the bathrooms were OPEN and warm. You can tell this city actually cares about giving it's citizens nice things. Unlike Wichita where I have learned their parks and rec department is awful and their upkeep of things is minimal. Kid had fun running around, this park is called Scissorpark

Seeing how we had lots of time to kill until my 6:00pm yoga class, we even took the half hour drive down to Norman, OK to see the University of Oklahoma (I think that's what it's call haha) The stadium was HUGE!!!!!!!

Girls being goofs in the back. 

Back to the city we drove around the Memorial looking for a restroom. On the reset you drink a LOT of water. Kyle and I packed ALL our food, and picked up food for the kids. So proud of us for sticking to it. 

Time came for me to attend the yoga class followed by the info session. Felt so good to be on my mat in the hot room. Loved the session but just wasn't quite the mesh for me to drive all the way for 7 weekends so back to the drawing board for teacher training. While I was doing my yoga Kyle took the kids to McDonald's for dinner and play in the playground. They picked me up at 8pm and we headed back home. 


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