Saturday, April 4, 2020

Home time March 22nd - 27th

Lots of playing at home happening. Kids got their halloween costumes out and were putting on talent shows for us, lol. 

Thomas playing doctor with his doctor kit, appropriate getup for this time. 

Monday the 23rd Kyle and I measured for our results from the Ultimate Reset! 

Emma's kindergarten teacher sent a video assignment that everyone took part in. It was to create an animal and share a little about it. 

Emma made a rainbow pup and cat: 

Mary made a dog as well:

And Isaac created a dog named Dude:

Tuesdays were becoming an exciting day because the piano teacher would visit. We started Mary on lessons the week prior... unfortunately it was also the same day they implemented a stay at home order so this was the last visit the piano teacher would be making to our house. The next week Isaac had his lesson via video conference. We're pausing Mary's lessons and she is practicing what she learned. 

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Wednesday I decided to use some of the delta credit I had from our cancelled flight to book the July trip I had planned for Coach Summit. Was excited... until literally 6 days later I get an email that coach summit has been cancelled :-( IN JULY!!! UUGGHHH I understand why but it really sucks. They have a LOT of planning to do to put these summits on and with how the world is right now they are unable to travel and get the plans in place to actually put this massive event on. So even if life has resumed by mid-July they are unable to do what needs to be done NOW to put it on. Really stinks. 

I forgot to mention over the weekend, or Monday evening maybe, we made a family trip to Home Depot, Oh it was the night before the stay at home order so Tuesday night. We picked up a fire pit so we could burn some of the brush and make s'mores! We attempted a fire Wednesday evening but the wood we had collected from the yard was a little wet and we just couldn't get anything to stay lit. We ended up roasting marshmallow's over the stove in the kitchen. 

We did however purchase some wood that got delivered Friday evening, so we made a campfire that night, all it took was one piece of good wood, lol. But now our wood stack is filled and we can do more campfires :-) Gonna need it on this cold day. Yesterday (Friday April 3rd) a cold front came in and boy it's chilly now! 38 degrees right now. 

Kyle's new desk getting lots of use 40+ hours a week 

School learning time:

Mary made a drawing for her teacher. 

Wednesday March 25th Emma got to do a zoom call with her teacher and classmates. It was a pretty exciting moment

Lots of outside play time when the weather was nice

Friday we did a demo zoom call music together class. This is Thomas's class, we decided to sign up for the spring semester and will be doing two zoom calls a week just 25 minutes at a time. Gives us something to do and something familiar for Thomas. He seems to get put on the back burner with the kids school work taking precedence. Glad we did the demo so we could figure out if it would work. Had to get on to Isaac a few times but hopefully he'll be better for future calls and understand this is something for Thomas and we want it to be fun for him. 

After the music call an old friend of mine from a wedding group I connected with 12 years ago, got a few of our kids on a call to talk about animals. We passed on the assignment of drawing an animal before the call then each child showed and shared. It was a fun distraction for her and for us and nice to have some socialization from afar, however we can make it happen. 

That concludes a full week of fun, lol. 

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