Friday, April 3, 2020

Springbreak the start of COVID-19

So it was actually happening. Kyle was having to work from home, all spring break activities cancelled: the girls last dance class/recital, Isaac's karate. 

A few days at home and it was clear we needed a desk for Kyle. I dreaded making a Costco trip, but I did it anyway. I packed the iPads and left the kids in the van while I ran inside to get a few things and a desk for Kyle (which is a really nice multi level desk that moves up to standing or lowered for sitting). It was crazy how busy this place was, they had closed every other register to allow for social distancing so the line to check out wrapped around THE ENTIRE STORE!!!! I took photos along the way to share with Kyle how crazy the line was. I was in line 20 minutes, which I normally wouldn't care so much about except my four kids were in the CAR, oops. They did great though and were all in a trance with their electronic devices. They had specific instruction NOT to unbuckle and NOT to open the doors for anyone, lol. 

Started here: 

Made it back around to the check outs, when allowed they have you go stand by a cone to wait at a register until it's your turn. 

After the Costco trip we ran by Chick-fil-a and I got the kids food. They had the inside shut and had quite the opposition for the drive through line. Gave me a wipe to clean my payment method off. 

Tuesday the 17th the official announcement came back from the state of Kansas: 

Thursday Isaac had his ear check up. This guy in the background was stopping people that entered and taking our temperature. We were cleared okay so allowed to come in. All checked out well. They tested his hearing as well and he passed with flying colors. 

As for the home front we keep it fun as always. Or as fun as we can I guess. Thomas loves these little piggies I had to order another couple molds cuz they'd eat through the first batch so fast. This way I can make a whole batch at once

Part of our school learning this week was writing about our trip to Oklahoma City. The kids wrote about how everything was closed, lol. 

We did an art history lesson on Henry Matisse 

Isaac was NOT having fun, lol. Girls LOVED the art time. 

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