Monday, April 6, 2020

Zoom Calls and Play Set

Finally getting caught up on blogs! WOOHOO!

Last Wednesday (April 1st) the kids all had their first class zoom calls. Well Emma had already had one but Isaac had one and Mary did. And lucky for me they were ALL SCHEDULED at 10am... we are blessed and lucky to even have enough devices to set them all up on the call. Of course the tree trimmers came right when I got them set up, so I went to walk them through the yard (we are getting our trees trimmed) while the kids were on their calls.

This guy needed lots of attention too so we played in the basement while the kids were on the call. 

Given that all the playground were going to be closed we decided to break down and buy the playlet that was for sale at Costco. Around lunch time I made a trip there after cleaning out the van and getting the seats down and out. I picked up the last one except they could not locate one of the five boxes so I am still waiting on that to arrive. But got the rest home. The kids are excited... but they're going to have to be patient for us to get it built. 

Photos of the playset at Costco: 

And snack for the day so beautiful I had to capture it. Love getting in our dense nutrition of shakeology everyday, and even more fun when it's in the form of ice cream! 

And yoga for me, with a little Harpo love in the middle. 

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