Monday, April 6, 2020

Homemade Ice-cream

Wednesday on my outing to Costco I also swung by a house to pick up this old fashioned ice cream maker I found on Facebook Marketplace. Had the idea to make ice cream cuz I thought it'd be fun for the kids. I remember as a kid making ice cream at my grandparents and at the lake with my Aunt and Uncle. 

Kyle went out and found ice and rock salt while I got ice cream prepped and in the freezer. Don't remember all the prep steps as a kid :-D but the girls had fun making the ice cream. 

We picked up pizza that evening cuz I had another tree trimmer coming by to give us a bid right when I needed to be cooking dinner and I just needed a break so Kyle picked that up as well. We ate dinner then got the Ice Cream machine up and running 

The lid kept slipping at first so we took turns pressing down on the top to keep it engaged (but hey it was only $10 so couldn't expect it to work perfectly, lol). Once the ice melted a bit we were able to shimmy it up and it stayed engaged by itself and we didn't have to hold it. Took about an hour to churn into ice cream thick enough to eat. 

Kids approved. We put strawberries and chocolate chips on it. Oh and shredded coconut for me and Isaac. 

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