Friday, April 3, 2020

First Week of March

The kids had school shirts made for each class. They are super cute! They got them back that first week of March.. intended for field trips and such. They all got to wear them March 10th, but Mary was sick that day and missed school Monday and Tuesday. Then their school break started Friday the 13th and well now school is cancelled for the year. 


Isaac's class on March 10th (Last class photo)

Here were their spring school photos. We did purchase their class photo but since we had photos already from this school year I sent all these back... as you can see they are not very good, lol. 

Friday March 6th the kids had a K-2nd Dance. I hadn't planned on them going but when I picked them up from school that Friday they were raving about it so we thought why not. And a nice little break, dropping the three off for a couple hours, dinner at home just Kyle, me and Thomas. Time went fast though!

That weekend Mary didn't feel good: This was Sunday afternoon with a fever which is why she missed Monday and Tuesday at school. 

Saturday I had a cycle training class all day. Super sad I was all lined up to teach my own class this summer but now I'm laid off and not even an employee while they are closed. Hope they open up soon!

Sunday we had a picnic at the Nature Center before a walk. It was WINDY AF. LOL our salad was blowing apart and kids were troopers through the wind. After the hike we had to leave quickly cuz the bathrooms were closed and we all needed to go. 

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