Saturday, December 15, 2018

Birthday Date

Also in celebration we have started to give the kids a 1:1 date night with just Kyle and I to celebrate their birthday. We started it last year with the girls on their fourth birthday when we realized we hadn't been with each of them on their own just the three of us. I think they like getting the undivided attention and for us it's like a regular date night, just with one kiddo :-)

Isaac wanted to do miniature golf. We found an indoor place we'd never heard of. It's called Can Can Wonderland and more of an adult place but it had a SUPER cool putt-putt course.

Isaac got a hole in one on this course!

We finished our 18 holes then did a few of the arcade games.

Then we left and went to dinner of his choice. He choose Element WoodFire pizza where we had been one time before. They have great pizza and Isaac makes his own: Margarita with pepperoni, pineapple, and goat cheese. It was a fun night celebrating him and we loved discovering this new place. Definitely a memorable putt-putt experience. 

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