Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve the girls got dressed in their dressed (yes two years worth out of them) and we went to Christmas Eve service at church. The girls have some pretty bad chapped lips :-(

We went out to eat afterwards. And due to slim pickings for locations we went with what was open near us so we had Crave for dinner.

Last year I said I'd figure out a new spot for our time-lapse video, but I was on auto pilot and just set it up quickly the night before. I totally forgot to adjust for focus too, oops. But here it is under 2 minutes:

The girls put on their Christmas dresses again, getting as much wear out of them as we can :-)

Here are some stills from the time-lapse:
christmas morning timelapse-54

christmas morning timelapse-76

christmas morning timelapse-132

Isaac was super excited when he opened his marble maze labyrinth. Too bad I didn't get a front shot of his face, here is the back side when he's screaming in excitement
christmas morning timelapse-137

christmas morning timelapse-168

christmas morning timelapse-175

Emma playing with her playmobile doll house, feeding the baby:

Thomas likes his new peek-a-boo elephant

Doll house play, so many little pieces, they love it.

I got new earrings and we're playing Isaac's game: scrabble Jr.

Mary supporting her new poppy socks and using her "lip stuff"

Isaac loves his labyrinth maze.

Thomas wearing his new outfit the next day and more scrabble by the fireplace.

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