Saturday, December 23, 2017

Isaac's Birthday Party

We FINALLY got to have Isaac's Party. We originally had it scheduled for the Sunday December 3rd, but he woke up that morning with a fever. We had rescheduled to the following Saturday, but as the week went on and all of us got the sickness we could tell it was not going to be happening again that weekend so we postponed it a final time to Sunday the 17th. Unfortunatly not eveyrone we invited could make the make up party, but a few could and it was still fun.

We had it at Edinborough Park, which is a large indoor treehouse and play gym. We served snacks and cupcakes, although everyone was so busy playing they weren't in one spot for very long at a time.

They would run in to grab some water with red faces and dripping sweat

Emma was in heaven with all the snacks to choose from. She loves snacks! haha, if it's in it's own little package she is all about it, and having four or five to eat at the same time.

 Here he is opening one present cuz his friend was so excited to give it to him.

And right back to playing! They had their own little basketball game going in the gym.

The girls had a great time playing as well, stopping in for a pit stop every so often.

We finally got them stopped long enough to do a little present opening and have cupcakes. Isaac loved what he got and they were perfectly suiting to him: soccer stuff, books, and fighting little robots.

Cupcake time!

Just long enough to stuff their faces then right back to playing. I bet everyone slept hard that evening. It was a great afternoon of them running around and burning energy.

Once the party was over we headed to dinner to celebrate dad's birthday with burgers! A little celebratory bloody mary.

And Isaac being a goofball

Thomas was a great trooper all day of course. I wore him at the park and he was a happy little clam. He's to the age where as long as he has something to put in his mouth he's good to go.

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