Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas beginning Saturday

Last Saturday, December 2nd, we had a fun morning attending our realtor's holiday event. They had a Toys for Trees event. We brought a toy and got a real Christmas tree as well as lots of other fun stuff going on. It was out toward the Arboretum at a Camp Fire campground. It was a really nice day for it. We took a shuttle bus over to the campgrounds and had a waffle and sausage treat. Really like a cookie, the waffles were pretty hard. The kids got to play in the grass.

Then we went for a horse drawn hay ride.

 More leaf playing while we waited in line to see Santa.

Kyle took our photo so we didn't have one of all six of us.

Emma was the only one to chat with Santa. Isaac said he didn't know what he wanted. Emma wants a pony :-P

That evening we came home and got the tree inside. I had a cookie party that evening. Here are two photos from earlier in the week when the kids helped me make cookies for the party.

This was the 13th annual cookie party, but I hadnt' been able to make it for maybe 6 years... since I had kids, haha. Thomas came with and was the star of the show.

The next day I got the tree lights on and decorated before we all got sick :-( Looking back I'm glad we got some fun stuff in that weekend because we were all down for the count (except Kyle, knock on wood) for over a week. Emma is still going with her Fever, Isaac's birthday party got postponed twice and missed 4 days of school, and the girls missed 3 days of school so far.

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