Friday, December 16, 2022

Isaac's 11th Birthday

 I was waiting to share this until I had his 11 year old photo with his blocks... but here we are 2 weeks later and still haven't taken it. So instead of putting this off I'll just add that photo later. 

We had a busy birthday weekend. His birthday fell on a Sunday this year, but he had a basketball tournament that day so we wanted to start the celebration earlier. Saturday he had a chess tournament all day, so we celebrated Saturday evening as a family. We decorated the house while he was at chess. 

Then he got to open presents that evening. 

He got a kindle! 

I made him his special cake and we sang happy birthday!

Sunday he had his basketball tournament over in north St Paul. It was also the day we needed to pick up our Christmas tree that our realtors gave us. I took the other kids to do that then we all met over in St. Paul for lunch with Isaac. Emma and Thomas had soccer, then we made it home to shower in time for the babysitter who arrived at 3:00 and then Isaac, Kyle, and I had reservations for a puzzle room at 4:00. We had a date night with Isaac for his birthday. We did a Harry Potter themed escape room which was fun then went out to eat. 

So fun to celebrate this growing boy. I love that he wanted to be with us and hope for years to come he wants to spend his birthday with just us. I love this kid more than words can express! Happy Birthday Isaac! 

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