Thursday, December 8, 2022

End of November into December

Last Tuesday: November 29th we had some snow roll in. At first they were only calling for 1.9" or so. I think we probably got about 5 or 6 or more. It was coming down pretty fast. Kyle was out of town (again - seems like last time it snowed he was out of town so he had yet to shovel our new sidewalks). I tried to keep up with the snow a bit and did three rounds of shoveling this day. Felt it in my back obliques the next day. This was to show I shoveled and then by the time I finished the falling snow already had the sidewalk covered. 

Harpo came in covered in snow - not a good photo. 

On that same day Tuesday Thomas had his 50th day of school celebration. They got root beer floats and did some 50s dancing.  

The girls helped me get the front done another round. 

Wednesday's walk to school, uphill in a feet of snow, LOL. 

We've been enjoying lots of time in front of our new gas logs. 

I picked up a wreath from Costco. Looks amazing on the wood door... but not so great with the storm door covering it. So I moved it to the outside. 

Isaac at basketball practice on Friday. He had a basketball tournament on Sunday (his birthday) and a chess tournament all day Saturday (the day before his birthday).

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