Saturday, June 19, 2021

Start of June Passport Adventure

June 1st I took the kids to the exploration place during the day 

The river was VERY high. 

Some cool art work hanging at Exploration place. We talked about these photos when we saw the drone over the keeper at the lighting a few nights before. 

We discovered a passport program where you collect at least 6 stamps from various attractions around Wichita then you get entered into a drawing to win a family season pass to all 12 places! First stamp Exploration Place: 

The next day we went to Botanica for a second stamp in our passport: 

Mary and Isaac ate a big bug. They had a little stand with dried grasshoppers and crickets for kids to eat. 

Back to the botanica on Sunday June 6th after church. I'm no longer teaching a Sunday yoga class so it's nice to have our weekends back. 

It was a HOT one, lots of sweat. 

Capturing the sweat beads on Emma's nose. 

Tuesday I staff the mini-barre (kids room) for a local barre studio. No kids showed up so we played a quick game and then headed to the zoo since we were on the west side of town. 

Getting another stamp on our passport at the zoo! 


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