Friday, June 18, 2021

May Miscellaneous

Trying to get caught up and easiest way to speed this along is to post some random photos in one. LOL These are from May at various times. Thomas and I like to hit a coffee shop after we drop the kids off and before his 9:30am Thursday class. Mon, Wed, Fri his preschool starts at 9 so he goes straight to school after we drop the big kids at their school. Thursday is our special coffee date morning :-) This time we went to Papa's where they have a cereal bar, so he got to pick out a cereal with toppings and all!

The girls first grade teacher: Mrs. Stark graduated with her masters so they had a classroom celebration. 

Photos from Isaac's flag football game. These are held about 20 minutes south in a BIG field. 

One Saturday at exploration place watching the hoover board science show, Mary was a volunteer. 

Girls did my hair one night while we read before bed. 

Harry Potter day at school. The girls class had been reading Harry Potter all year long - well being read to. We have been reading it at home too. We are about halfway through the third book. 

I think this was the last soccer game for the girls

Visit to Exploration place just me and Thomas. I'm guessing this was a Tuesday after we went to Mini-Barre before the kids were out of school. 

Thomas loves the keeper of the plains, had to go take a peek before heading home. 

Grandma Judy sent the girls these tiara's for their birthday!

Tuesday night there are free carasoel rides at the Botanica, Kyle took the kids while I taught my Tuesday night Yoga class. The troll was also finally open!

Thomas in need of a haircut! 

The HOT light was on at Krispy Kreme so I took Thomas in to see the donuts being made! 

Clearly PJ day this day, one of the last days before the big kids were out of school, getting in some 1:1 game time. 

The chickens are so funny, finding shelter during the rain. So thankful it rained almost EVERYDAY in May it seemed, lol. Helped get the yard nice and green. 

We took April off for piano lessons and when I reached back out to our teacher to get May set up she had quit us.... found another job. So we had to find a new piano teacher. Now all the kids have different teachers and I take them there two days a week. The girls have lessons at the same time and Isaac has it another day. Here we are waiting to go in. 

Photos from the kids' field day at school. 

Isaac's baseball: 

OH THIS was the last soccer game! IN THE RAIN! 

One Saturday we went to the Wichita Art Museum (it's free on Saturdays) Been wanting to see it again and hadn't been in almost a year. 

Of course Isaac blocking Emma so we had to retake it!

This little fellow was hanging around one more when I got home from a workout class and went to let the chicks out. I saw him snooping by the fence! It was probably about 6:30am. Staying out late!


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