Saturday, June 19, 2021

June Miscellaneous (first half)

The girls attended an Art Class at the Wichita Art Museum on June 2nd 

Thomas and I dropped them off then walked around the sculpture garden. 

The girls are attended a summer school camp, but they didn't have it the first full week of summer. The boys are going to a Thursday class camp day and so the first Thursday we had the day to ourselves. We decided to do girly things and get a pedicure. Emma choose to have her finger nails painted instead of toes. 

Getting our reading in everyday, Mary reading to Thomas. 

We did the fun fit at the YMCA a few days. It's an activity for older kids 6-12, Isaac enjoys being active. 

Girls are signed up for gymnastics for June.... but it's more like a PE class, they weren't clear in the calendar and advertised it as gymnastics but it's not... little disappointed but the girls still have fun. 

Harpo bandaged up still at this point. 

There was a parent's night out at the YMCA, the kids wanted to go so we signed them up. All four could attend together and they'd get to go swimming, have pizza, and play in the gymnastics room. We signed them up again tonight because they had fun and we're all for a night out! The first one we tried out an escape room after having hibachi dinner. 

Now that I'm not working Sundays we are back to church. Feels so good to be back and the kids enjoy their classes! 

Staying busy inside with puzzles. We've done four already just started another this morning. This was number two: 

Hot weather means time to get the water table out. They still play together for a couple of moments anyway. 

Emma requested her hair to be put up like this for church Sunday. 

Out for brunch after church at River Brewing Co... where we started another passport program for Brewery's and Coffee shops. 

Monday morning Isaac had an orthodontist appointment. He got a gift card to Freddy's so we stopped to get Ice Cream after getting the girls from their summer school. (he's inside waiting for his turtle Sundae in these photos)

Memorial Day we bought a new dishwasher on sale because our is SOOOOO LOUD! Well literally the next day it BROKE completely! So we've been doing dishes by hand for two weeks. As exhausting as it was I taught each of the kids how to hand wash a sink full of dishes. Each kiddo has had a specific day just like they had a chore to unload the dishwasher. It's getting deliver today, woohoo! 

Isaac's still playing baseball, just four games left at this point, he finishes up July 2nd. 


Coffee shop visit while the girls are at school 


While the boys were in their Thursday class (they go to that until 2:30 and I pick the girls up at 12 so there is a little time in-between I only have two of the four kids) We went to lunch with daddy, the girls were given root beer floats by our waiter. They eat lunch at school so this worked as dessert. 


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