Friday, June 18, 2021

Happy 7th Birthday GIRLS!

 May 10th arrived and we celebrated the girls turning 7! Their birthday was on a Monday and they had to go to school so we let a little bit of the celebration start on Sunday (Mother's Day)

They got to open ONE present. 

First gift was some accessories for their dolls.

I made a quick secretive run to pick up balloons for the next day. Happy Mother's Day! 

We went out for 'Mother's Day dinner', girls picked Spaghetti Factory. 

They don't sing to them because of CoVID, but they did put a candle in their ice cream. 

Then Monday morning came! Time for more presents. 

New swimsuits! 

I had gone to a early morning barre class and picked up donuts on the way home: birthday breakfast. Doubt it's even 7:00 at this point. I think Thomas was still asleep. 

Playing with their LOL coloring pads. There's Thomas. 

Time for school. I did not leave the balloons in the car, but by morning most of them were all droopy :-( I mentioned it on my social media and the place I got them (Love of Character) said they should not have been that way, their help that was working on Mother's Day didn't fill them correctly, she brought me some NEW balloons and we had lifted decor again. 

I wanted helium balloons so I could do this at school pick up :-) 

Girls each wanted their own cakes, so I spend Monday making two angle food cakes one vanilla and one chocolate. I iced them with whipped cream frosting just before it was time to eat them. Mary wanted ninja decorations and Emma wanted Decendents. 

Vanilla and Chocolate angel food cake. They picked their frosting colors. 

Obligatory age block photos!

And a couple more presents. 

That concludes their BirthDAY!

To celebrate we also took each girl out on a special date night. Those choose to do their activity together. So the Saturday night started with dinner for Mary at one of our favorite date night spots: George's French Bistro, just around the corner from our house, we walked there. 

They gave her a birthday dessert, but she also wanted to pick a dessert :-) 

Then we went back home and got Emma for their birthday activity: SKATING! Mary got skates from Grandma Cindy for Christmas, she'd worn them around the house outside some but it's hard to skate on the bumpy sidewalks. She brought them to the skating rink. Kyle and I were some of the oldest there, lots of middle schoolers, lol. 

They had an arcade section we played at. 


Mary went around a lot! Emma wasn't as big of a fan, she liked skating but not as much as Mary. 

The following weekend we had our babysitter come back so we could do a dinner date with Emma. This time we went to a restaurant I hadn't been to yet but that Kyle had been to with work groups a few times: Chester's. Emma was happy but she was not smiling here, lol. 

She was pretty excited to have a Shirley temple drink. 

She even got a fancy birthday candle too!

Pretty sweet birthday celebrations for two very special girls! 

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