Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Derby Dinosaurs

As I mentioned here we started this attractions passport that Visit Wichita is putting on. Four of the attractions we already own season passes to, this one we don't and hadn't been yet. We were going to go one day after Isaac's flag football game because it's way south in Derby... but we didn't want to feel rushed and wanted to have plenty of time since we were shelling out the dough for the admission tickets. 

Tickets included a round of miniature golf so we started with that. No real score keeping here, but still fun. Boy was it hot and sunny!

I think the last time we were mini-golfing I was wearing Thomas.... yup Thomas was just two months old. here's the old post. 

We finished our 18 holds of mini-golf and went over to the park side. Full size dinosaurs. They gave the kids a little passport to get stamped throughout the park, encouragement to go through all the various exhibits. 

Each Dino had a poster with all the info about it. There was sound too. 

Then we watched a cute, cheesy musical show. Mary was even a volunteer! 

You can't really tell, but this was a bounce house. You can kinda see Mary in the second photo. 

It was a fun time, hot and tiring walking all over, but glad we did it!

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