Saturday, June 19, 2021

Exploration Place & Keeper Lighting

Friday May 28th a new exhibit at Exploration place opened. Thomas was obsessed with going so we went opening night! Monster Fish (from National Geographic)

We watched one of the dome shows: Turtle Oddessy 

The next night we went back to see the lighting of the Keeper. They light the fires in front of the Keeper every night at 9:00pm and it stays lit for 15 minutes. 

Waiting for the lighting:

Family of geese behind us. 

Fires lit: 

We received a flyer a month or so ago about master fish and it had a members only celebration with food trucks and the lighting of the keeper the night before it opened... well we didn't go but Thomas has been carrying around that flyer any time we talk about exploration place, plan on doing, or talk about the keeper. So he was excited to do one of the things on the flyer. 


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