Monday, May 1, 2023

March in One Post

 It's been a while. My last post was March 1st and here we are May 1st. March didn't start off well... 7 days after my last post we had to say goodbye to Harpo. And honestly just haven't been very motivated to write about it. 

But as life continues so do the hills and valleys. I just submitted the yearbook for printing which opens up some time and head space, clearing room to get this blog caught up. So will try to get through March and April to once again be up to speed. 

March 3rd, the kids were out of school for the Friday. We got in one last family cross country skiing before our final lesson that following Sunday. The ski season went fast, and we didn't get out as much as we had liked. But it was SOOO good to have an outdoor activity for the winter and if it wasn't for having the league to be at every week we wouldn't have been out nearly that much. 

That Sunday Harpo started to not feel well. Here he was enjoying the sunshine. 

I had worked Tuesday and Wednesday it was very clear he was not well and I called the vet. We knew it was time, it was hard but also had peace in knowing that we knew. I was always afraid of this day and if I would be able to make the 'right' choice. We did and he's pain free now. 

Mary was home sick, we got the other kids off to school and Kyle and I took Harpo to the vet. We weren't expecting it to be goodbye but after the vet seeing him it was the best choice. 

My photos are filled with a flood of old photos of him as I gathered things for a memorial video:

I'm working on a video of old videos but haven't made it through all my footage yet. That's to come.  

March 11th Mary and Isaac wrapped up basketball season.

TV time in the basement and a sweet card from our vet.


March 17th I got to go to a Young Author's Conference with Isaac. A handful of fourth and fifth graders from his school got to join many other schools at this fun learning event. I remember going to the young author's conference as a kid so it was fun to be there with them. The keynote speaker was Kelly Barnhill! She has written quite a few children's book, one of which I had just finished reading to the girls: The Ogress & the Orphans. She also happens to be the aunt to a set of twins in the girls' class. 

(Pick of a cool clock in one of the music rooms they were using for a breakout session)

Saturday March 18th the girls, Thomas, and I went to watch the St Louis Park Skate classes perform. A friend of ours was in the show. It was a Disney theme on ice. 

This was dinner that night, Isaac had a full day of basketball games at a tournament. 

Hello sunshine! Sunrise popping into our bedroom at 7:42am. Sun is rising earlier and earlier. 

Friday March 24th we met up with another family to bowl! Kids had fun and was a great interactive way to get a visit with friends in. 

goofy girls

Saturday March 25th we made a visit to the Science Museum. Our Wichita Exploration Place membership was expiring at the end of March and it got us into the Science Museum and Children's Museum here so we wanted to get one last visit in before we lost that membership. 

We happened upon a super cool bug exhibit. Christopher Marley is the artist. 

Speaking of art, here's Mary and some art they did as a class at school

Ordered this when Harpo passed and got it toward the end of March. 

End of March and still have THIS much snow in the backyard! 

We have put the home warranty through the wringer! So many claims. Well one of the burners stopped working and put in an order for it to get fixed. He said it was going to get fixed and they were ordering a part... but instead they replaced the whole cooktop. The way that works is they send us some options to pick from or give us the money of the perceived value. We'd been through this with the downdraft as well... and wanted to upgrade so ended up taking the money. Which didn't work out the way we wanted. So we just took the break-even trade. Problem is our 20 year old high end cook top value was not what it once was and our even trade was a cheaper GE version. Although I'm not happy with the new cheaper branded one... it's newer than the 20 year old one. Honestly would prefer to have the other with only 4 working burners than this, but what's done is done. We have dreams to upgrade the kitchen and we'll replace this when the time comes. 


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