Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

This morning we had a basket waiting for Isaac when he woke up
easter morning-1

This is his second Easter so we were reusing a few things. The sports eggs and the bunny ears. He went straight for the tool kit.
easter morning-2

He is always interested when we are using tools so it was time he got a set of his own. He immediately went to work hammering, screwing, and working on his chair (the table and chair set behind him was also an 'early' Easter gift last weekend, in which he was very interested in how we put them together)
easter morning-4

Then he discovered the M&M's in his eggs:
easter morning-5

We then had real breakfast and headed off to church. I brought my camera along with since it was such a dreary/windy/cold/still snow on the ground day. I wanted to use the great lighting at church to get some photos of him in his cute outfit. Which I ran around and found on Friday when I realized I didn't have an Easter outfit for him :-)
church easter photos-1

church easter photos-2

church easter photos-3

church easter photos-5

church easter photos-6

church easter photos-9

church easter photos-10

Later we had a great dinner with some friends who invited us over at church. We had a boring evening planned so it was nice to share our boring-ness in the company of friends. And Isaac had fun playing with their kiddo too!


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