Monday, March 25, 2013

Over due post

Yesterday we colored Easter Eggs with some friends. I didn't get any photos while we were actually dying the eggs (and Isaac's fingers). But here he is putting the eggs away before heading to bed:

And these photos are from a week or so ago. He was letting me practice for a photo session I was re-shooting with a baby and sibling. Trying some different poses to increase the odds of cooperation, gotta love kids. He seemed to have fun posing for me.
shag rug-1

shag rug-2

He's not a big stuffed animal kid, but we have them around and he shows some interest every now and then. But when he grabbed his elmo and was hugging him while posing for me (I had nothing to do with the addition of the doll, but it was perfect) So I quick snapped a photo before he let go.
shag rug-3

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