Sunday, July 8, 2018

June 30th Beach Visit

Our beach has been closed this summer for remodeling (improvements! They added a bathroom and did some landscaping upgrades) It was first open last weekend. We weren't sure about going with Isaac's arm but figured we weren't going to let it stop us and he could use some help understanding the severity of the accident so we decided to load up and walk down there for a morning swim. 

Thomas loving the wagon. He's such a good baby, and just loves to be on the go with us. So chillax!

Isaac brought some reading materials and got to try out our new chair. You can see the new pavers in the back of this photo. They have the sides blocked off still as they are trying to grow some fresh grass.

Thomas LOVED the water. He was splashing and giggling. 




We weren't there long, just long enough to cool off and get a good swim in. And for Thomas to eat just a little bit of sand, haha. (Oh and poop in his swim diaper, of course!)

Emma is my little photographer and loves to take the camera to snap photos. She got some decent ones among the many snapshots of sidewalk and trees. 

Mary must have taken this one: 


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