Monday, December 6, 2010

Second snow {Friday, December 3, 2010}

I'm WAY behind on blogging, this I know. We've been go-go-going, and honestly since I haven't been taking a 'picture-a-day' I feel like there's not much to blog about.

Thanksgiving we did go home to Missouri, but I've been so busy I haven't made it through those pictures, so that will be another post.

dec snow_filtered
I last blogged about our first snow (which fell on November 13th). We usually don't consider this our first 'here to stay' snow because it usually melts before the real stuff in mid-December. Well this year it's giving us a little turn of events, because that first snow never melted. We got our second BIG snow that we know for sure is HERE TO STAY, on December 3rd. I'm not sure how much WE got because we shoveled Friday night before heading to a friends house, shoveled a little when we got home, and had to shovel again in the morning, so there wasn't a spot I could measure that was a complete accurate read. The news stations were saying we got around 10 inches. I believe it!

Saturday we also made the yearly trip to Home Depot to get the filter for the furnace and a new shovel. We had two, one we always used and one we hated to use with a straight handle and a rusty blade. So now we have two 'ergonomically correct' handles that we can use at the same time. MUCH better than the straight handled ones.

Since Saturday, it has still been slightly snowing and they say we have another big dump this weekend. I LOVE SNOW!!! Bring on cross-country ski season (and hopefully with that more blogging) :-)

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