Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dome is down.

You must have heard that our Mpls Vikings dome collapsed about 5am this morning. There is some amazing footage through one of our local news channels: Fox 9. Hope this video works, but if it doesn't I'll put the links right below.

So after hearing our overall snow totals, I wanted to share some things we learned.

Yesterday we got a total of 17.1 inches.

Some history snowfall:
in 1991: the great Halloween snow storm wins first place with 28.4"
second biggest snowfall was in 1985 with 21.1" falling in January
1982 takes third and fourth place with snow falls of 20" one day and 17.4" the NEXT Can you imagine 37.4" in two days!!!!!

You can see some photos from this weekends snow storm here:
I like the door photo, when they open their front door and the wind blew a snow drive up to midway and you can see the grooves of the door in the snow, lol!

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