Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Last Saturday, we FINALLY went to the Holidazzle parade. This is a parade that is done every Christmas. I think it runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas and it a small parade that runs down Nicollet Ave in downtown Minneapolis. From what we hear it is the same every.single.year but we had yet to go until now. It was rather exciting since we've never been... but also rather cold, lol. They just have a bunch of floats that are all lit up:

This one was cool, it was Peter Pan - Captain Hook was on the ship:
peterpan float

And the alligator was following:

There was even a city bus all decked out

These were my absolute FAVORITE!!!!
walking christmas lights
Walking Christmas Lights! I so want one of these for a halloween costume! LOL

After the parade, we went with our group (we were doing this as a Newly Married group from church) we went up to the 8th floor of Macy's for their annual holiday decor walk-through. We actually went to this the first Christmas we were here. That year it was The Nutcracker. Well since then they changed it to A Day In the Life of an Elf and haven't changed it since. So pretty everyone we were with had seen this same display days before. But it was still fun. There was a super long line to get to it since it's tradition for most people to go up to the 8th floor after the holidazzle. Luckily the first year Kyle and I went we just went on a week night and there wasn't really anyone else there. That's what I would do again :-)

kyle daisy

Merry Christmas!!

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