Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

"Ohhhhh the weather outside is frightful..."
side door windows

Last night they were calling for us to get 13.8" of snow. We weren't sure whether or not to believe them because well, the weather people aren't always 'right'. But we knew it was going to at least snow when they call for that much!

Just the other day I was talking to Kyle about how much I love snow!! And how I really enjoy living in Minnesota because we get snow EVERY winter. We have a WINTER! I could never see myself living somewhere that doesn't get snow or doesn't have a guaranteed white Christmas every year. And with that... we woke up to just a little bit out on the back deck. Harpo didn't want to go out after breakfast. But I decided I'd go out with him, take a few pictures and then shovel off the deck then go out front and do the same. The snow doesn't really seem that bad from the 'backyard' perspective. Oh I should also add, the wind is blowing a LOT and there are snow drifts EVERYWHERE so I knew going into this that I was going to have an inaccurate depiction of exactly how much snow has fallen.

So here was what our back deck has looked like all morning. It hasn't really changed since the wind is blowing, it's keeping it pretty low.
(Oh that big pile you see toward the back, that is the pile from the old snow, we only shovel a path from the door to the stairs for Harpo.)

Oh I forgot to mention our new shovel! We had two shovels before, but one was like this and the other was an old straight handled rusty hoss. We much prefer the wavy handled ones so decided to get another so we could each shovel at the same time and get it done faster.
newshovel new shovel2

Harpo went outside with me, but didn't seem to like what he saw. But he knew it was time. He had been holding it all morning. (oh btw it's noon when all these pictures were taken)
Harpo on the deck

He got right in and started to plow himself a path:
harpo plowing a path

Every winter he gets a little ring going around the back yard, which he usually stays in. The past snows weren't as deep so he somewhat had the path started but would still trample through the middle of the yard every once in a while. This morning he decided about 6 feet was a big enough track.
harpos had enough

Of course the whole time he's working on his path I'm saying "Harpo, Harpo! Look at me" because I wanted a picture he finally did with the look of "WHAT do you want? Can't you see I'm busy!" LOL About 30 seconds after that above picture he found a good spot to pee. I could tell he didn't want to go where he ended up going, but you could also tell that he was not in the mood to plow more track. lol.

After those pictures above, Harpo and my camera came back inside and I shoveled off the deck and stairs. Easy task... so I thought it's not to bad. Now I'll go out the side door, measure the snow and maybe just get an area shoveled off around the side door. I opened the side door:
side door

Hmm there is much more over on this side of the house. I stuck the ruler down in the snow. It measured 10".
noon 10inches side door step side step

Again I'll place the disclaimer that the wind is REALLY blowing and there are lots of snow drifts, although our whole front yard looks like a big snow drift.

I trampled down the side stairs to get another reading on the sidewalk next to the house. This one read 12 inches.
noon 12inches southside walkway side of house

This was the point I thought "Crap, we have a lot of snow" It got all in my boots and up my snow pants! You can see by my trail.
trail footsteps

This is when I decided I'll poke my head around the side of the house to get a picture of the front:
front of house

Because I can't open the front door from the inside.
front door

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