Monday, April 30, 2012

Twins Game - Part 2

This photo really didn't turn out. I placed him there facing us with the field in the background, but I was so excited to get a picture of him because he looked so cute in his attire that I didn't really pay attention to how the photograph was going to turn out. So please excuse the washed out background and just know that yes there is a baseball field back there :-)
And I was excited to capture him in his outfit before drool or spit-up got on it! Which right after this photo I put his bib on, which I made for this occasion! I figured all his cute little outfits get covered up by bibs, why not make a cute bib :-)

Now-a-days I feel like I have to take a picture with my 'real' camera as well as a picture with my phone to instantly upload to facebook. In all honestly I don't really use my 'real' camera as much these days. I always have my phone on  me and it's so easy to just snap a picture of him and instantly have it on facebook for friends and family to view :-) But since I did lug my camera a long I was determined to use it! lol



I realized I didn't have his cute hat on so we had to take the same picture again. And no matter how many times I straightened his hat, it ALWAYS ended up sideways from him turning his head back and forth.

and again

Here he is saying "seriously mom!?! how many of these pictures are you going to take?!" lol

Can't leave a Twins game without capturing the Cargill sign in the 8th inning!!

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