Monday, May 7, 2012

Dining Room

Two weeks ago we posted the bakers rack and china cabinet on craigslist to make some room in our dining room. We saw these new doors at Ikea to go on the bookcases we already had so our idea was to revamp the bookcase corner. We got the doors and moved our china hutch items in there and then also got two small book cases to put in the corner and on the south wall.
dining 1

When we first got the china hutch (off craigslist for $20) we knew it was just temporary as it didn't really match anything we had but I wanted a place to put our wedding stuff. Now the dining room is coming together nicely. I'm a little bummed that my collage of photos had to get taken down, well 2 of the 5 photos had to be removed as the new book cases are taking up more space on that wall. I worked so hard measuring and getting everything just right... Kyle says I should leave those three still hanging even though they are not in the exact spot they should be, but we also don't want a million holes in the wall. Hopefully no one will notice that they are not measured out as they should be. I'll have to figure out what to do with those other photos, maybe on another wall in the dining room.
dining 3

We put together the bookcases two weekends ago, and then last week I was searching craigslist for a piece for our entryway. I knew what I had in mind, I just needed to find it. I found this GREAT Crate & Barrel 'hall tree'.  We love it! For a few reasons, one being it's a good "by the front door" piece of furniture and it has a mirror on it. Since we are redoing our bathroom we are getting a new tub door and will no loner have the full length mirror in there. I was concerned about this as it's the only long mirror we have in the house. This will replace that concern perfectly :-) It is also a great place to hide away our shoes!
dining 2

We've started the bathroom remodel. We are taking a break right now since Kyle's folks are coming up this weekend. But we have almost half the tiles and wallpaper down. I'll have to post photos. Once the walls are cleared up we have to clean the wallpaper residue off, make sure it is good and sealed with a quality primer (since it is the bathroom!) and then paint!  The guy came to measure for the shower door today (we are hiring that out to get installed) then we plan to tile the floor ourselves, install a new mirror, vanity, and light fixture. And we haven't decided about the toilet. We might get a new one or we might just use the one we have.... we both hate that toilet as it clogs up ALL THE TIME! And the tank and bowl are filthy even after many efforts of cleaning. We'll see. I'll have to post with some progress photos soon.

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Lesa Herrmann said...

Super excited to see the bathroom progress! I know what you started with so it will be fun to see the outcome!

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