Monday, February 4, 2013

New Camera

I got a new camera!!! And I have been trying to figure out the settings to my liking. Took me almost 20 minutes to get my focal points how I like them... just a little getting used to and it's not even a new brand! But I'm excited and think I am closing in on all my particulars, then on to learn what it can do in addition to my older model.

Just wanted to share some practice shots I took the past few days. Which I just realized when I saved them, I saved them as small copies. I didn't realize this until I uploaded them and they uploaded super fast! So instead of going back and replacing with big files I'm just going to leave as is for now.

Saturday bath time:
bathtime-2  bathtime-5  bathtime-6

Sunday before the game (and before I left for work):
reading-1  reading-3  reading-4

Look he's running and he's not a big ball of blur!

Snack time today:
monday lunch-1

And playing in the basement, he is in to everything!
basement play-3  basement play-4

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