Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Isaac's First Haircut

It was getting to be that time, he was beginning to develop quite the mullet, and since his locks weren't curly (he has inherited my straight hair I'm afraid) I didn't feel the need to push off a haircut any longer. So I made an appointment last week for today at 4:00 so Kyle could make it.

This morning we spent a little time combing his hair and talking about getting a hair cut. He enjoyed that.
Untitled  Untitled

Then we arrived a little early so he had enough time to warm up to the place. Here are some of the before shots.


Next it was his turn. He thought it was pretty fun at first


He was checking out the TV that was playing Sesame Street


Then he started to get a concerned look on his face

He had a minor melt down when he wanted to get up and realized he couldn't do as he wished. So it was time to pull out the Child Life skills and let distraction do it's thang.

He was immediately calmed as messing with Mommy's iPhone was a special occurrence and he didn't want to pass this up.

That is also a shot of the 'after haircut'.

We got a cute little envelope that held his locks
Certificate of first haircut

Locks of hair

Now he looks like a big boy, even more. My baby is growing up!

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