Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Arboretum Visit

We enjoy spontaneously heading out to the arboretum. I had forgot but remembered when we first saw them, they have their Savage Gardens display going on. All about carnivorous plants and it was more child interactive than previous displays which was awesome!

These are so cool!

This was a glass sculpture of the Sundew plant:

Miss Mary posing for a photo for me :-)

The interactive venus fly trap. It had buttons you could push to make the receptacle open and close.

Along with the giant scultpres there were many real live carnivorous plants!! This was a darlingtonia

This plant was in the 'pitfall family'

This was a fun sculpture of the Pitcher Plant:

And some of the live ones:

All the Carnivorous plant displays were inside so we got through them pretty quickly. It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed a nice walk outside through the herb gardens and rose garden.

We stopped for lunch near the Arboretum then the kids took a nap in the car. Emma caught eye of her hat and gloves getting back into the car and insisted on taking possession of them. Looked back to find her like this, too funny!

When we got home, Mary wanted her set of hat and gloves so I gave her those. Emma saw that and started screaming "HAT! HAT!" I told her "You have yours on your head" She smiled and said "ooohhhh" and calmed down, lol. These girls!

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