Friday, July 13, 2012

Isaac 6 months

I'm a little late with getting these photos posted. I took them almost a month ago, when he was about 6.5 months old. He's growing so fast! I can't believe how mobile he's gotten, he's really wanting to walk and we are in no rush for him to get there. He follows us all over the house now, it's kinda cute.  And I love that he crawls up to me and pulls up on my legs, it's so cute. :-) <3 Some other changes are that he makes us work for smiles now. We used to just look at him and he would instantly get a grin on his face, now especially with strangers, he gives them his thinking face first and then eventually crack a smile. But he is definitely living up to his name, which means "laughter" he loves laughing and squealing and of course smiling! He's so happy!

isaac 6 months-7

isaac 6 months BW-2

isaac 6 months BW-4

isaac 6 months-5

isaac 6 months BW-9

isaac 6 months-12

I love his facial expression in this one:
isaac 6 months BW-11

isaac 6 months BW-9

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Anonymous said...

the pics are all beautiful. i love him trying to avoid the prickley grass. you did great. thanks for sharing.

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