Tuesday, October 31, 2023

August: Finishing up SUMMER

I had jokingly showed Kyle this ad on social media for a 3D printer... and he GOT me one for my birthday, lol! Now I don't have time to do much of anything (ahem, like keep up with this blog) So I was a little shocked at first because it has taken a LOT of time to figure out. Build the thing, learn the two software programs, trouble shooting But we have been having a LOT of fun with it, so I can't complain :-) 

Had just a couple errors at the start, then was blown away when this turned out after an overnight print! We've basically had the thing running non-stop since we got it. Things take a while so I try to keep it going, the kids have had fun picking out things to print. 

August 18th I took the kids to Valley Fair, this was their FIRST time there. We've done the ride at Mall of America, but this was their first real amusement park. 

As I said the 3D printer has been a learning curve... we came home to this mess: 

Did some more bed leveling and calibration...

The next evening I went with a friend to a concert at 1st Ave. 

More of our 3D prints: 


Isaac is doing tackle football. 

August 22nd we hit up Valley Fair again and it was HOT! 

Thomas got a rock tumbler for his birthday so we'd been play with it.

Oh and I think I forgot to mention I got the birds a wider cage because finch's prefer to fly side to side vs up and down. They love the additional flying space. 

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