Tuesday, October 31, 2023

First half of August

 Once back home from the Missouri trip, we had golf camps: 


Ice cream truck visit and Stone Arch Bridge walk: 

Thomas had his delayed wellness check up (I totally forgot to book it around July 7th, oops - August 10th better late than never)

August 11th the girls and I got out on the paddle board (looking back I think this was the last time we did ::tear::) 

That evening we had a BIG hail storm. Did some damange to our roof, all our neighbors have had roof replacements and we're still waiting on our insurance, which is being a pain!

The next day I took a bike ride, Kyle drove me up to an area I had left off so I could do the top part of the grand rounds loop. I completed the passport program... but never heard from the parks after submitting my completion. 


Later that day, Saturday we went downtown to a street artist event. Saw my friend Sandy who does the chalk mandala's. 


She mentioned that my drone photo was in one of the local papers: 

Kids did one of the name art stations: 

Kyle and I had a date night that evening. We went out to eat and since we had just purchased family passes to Valley Fair we decided to go check it out. Fun little date night at an amusement park. Rode the Ferris Wheel and the train. 

August 15th Isaac had a get connected day at school. He's starting a NEW school, NEW district for 6th grade. We opened enrolled him at various local schools and this was the winner. We got in to all of them but choose this one because, well for one it's ranked the #1 middle school in Minnesota right now, recieving national recognition this past spring, and two it was the only one that was going to meet him where he needs to be for math. He's jumped two grades ahead for math, so he def is getting challenged. We'll see how he sits mid-year if the challenge is good, or too much. But he's really enjoying school. 

Anyway this get connected day was really fun, Isaac and I got to walk his schedule A day and B day, figure out where his classes were. It was a little intimidating for him, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. 


Looking back I just remember this was a hard day for me, I think it was because my birthday was approaching, knowing I was going to miss that birthday call from my dad and just carrying heavy grief that day. Well my work had this delivered and it was perfect timing! For sympathy (not my birthday) but the timing was perfect :-) 

I did work the next day on my birthday and my birthday buddy gave me this plant :-) 

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