Monday, July 28, 2014

Interstate State Park Day Trip Hike


Saturday we ventured out for our first outdoorsy trip in quite a while. Well since last year. It was such a moral booster to be out in the great outdoors. We used to camp and hike quite a lot, but not as much anymore obviously with little ones. We have camped a good amount with Isaac and plan to with the girls eventually... maybe just not this summer.

Anyway, so it felt great to go on a somewhat short hike. I think it was probably only 2 miles or less round trip. And since we were wearing the babies it was quite warm. It was about a 90 degree day, but a gorgeous low humidity day. Isaac was concerned about his sandwich the entire time. We had a picnic after the hike.

First we took a look at the geological attraction, glacial potholes. They were in the sun, so it was really hot. We didn't spend too much time here before heading on the River Trail for our hike.



Had to get some selfies as proof of our adventures. I'm pretty proud of ourselves for getting out. And even though the girls are 11 weeks old it was completely do-able and enjoyable!



Amazing views from up on the cliff. Looking over the St. Croix River into Wisconsin.

Then we had our PB&J picnic near the car after our hike.

Oh and here we are loading up that morning

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Lesa Herrmann said...

I knew twins wouldn't slow you guys down too much! Looks like you had a blast!

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