Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cousin's visit July 5-8th

Isaac's cousin's came to visit for a weekend to see us and the babies. It was their first visit and Isaac was super excited to get to play with them. They arrived Saturday and we hung around the house, cooked dinner, then walked to a nearby park with a dog park. My oldest niece was so excited to get to hold the babies! Isaac got a little jealous at first and wanted to hold one as well.

D1 saturday-4

D1 saturday-7


Sunday we gave them a driving tour of downtown then had lunch near the river. After lunch we went for a walk across the stone arch bridge.

Then we headed to their hotel for a swim in the hotel's pool.











Monday we played around the house in the morning and then went for an Ikea trip in the afternoon. That evening it stormed really hard.

D3 Monday-1 D3 Monday-2

D3 Monday-5

D3 Monday-8



They stopped back by Tuesday on their way out of town. We attempted a cousin photo, my nephew did not want to get in the group photo so it's just the five of them. Mary is a little upset, Isaac attempted to comfort her.

D4 Tuesday-2

D4 Tuesday-3

D4 Tuesday-5

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