Saturday, August 9, 2014

Photo's Post

I don't really have any real updates, just some fun pictures to share. The girls are growing bigger and Isaac is getting smarter :-)

Isaac's current new favorite is listening to the ABC's channel on Pandora on the TV. He loves all the songs: Hokey Pokey, 'Rain Song', ABCs, Skidaladink.... etc. He is also still in to playing games: old maid, go fish (that grandma got him) candy land, 'nemo game' (memory), and hi ho cherrio. Just in the last week he is a pro at his two 'advanced' puzzles... looks like we might need to get him the next step up. He can master those pretty quickly. He is also developing quite the imagination and saying some of the cutest, entertaining things these days.

The girls are sleeping better, their eating is spacing out a little bit and they LOVE their big brother. It is so fun to see them smile and coo at each other and at Isaac. They enjoy just being a part of our everyday life activities. I would say that Emma loves her sleep and typically goes right down when we put her in her crib... but that has changed in the last few days. Mary likes to be rocked to sleep and is little more of a fighter... but then again the past few days she has gone down easier. So just when we get in a routine, things change. I remember this happening with Isaac around this time.

I returned to work this weekend, working very part time (every third weekend). I'm currently on day two. Been nice to be back out in the adult world and having a little break from home. Kyle is finding his groove at home with the clan.

Here are some photos from the past month:
boppy faces-1 boppy faces-4

boppy faces-5

boppy faces-6

mirror floor play-4

Isaac loves playing with them
bouncy play-1

Sunday morning play time-1

The girls love watching Isaac play:
Sunday morning play time-4

Sunday morning play time-5

Here Isaac wanted Mary covered with her blanket... then he had to go get his blanket from his room because he couldn't fit under Mary's with her. It was pretty cute.
Sunday morning play time-6

Had a little photo shoot on Thursday this past week:
august 7th-4

august 7th-5

august 7th-6

august 7th-7

august 7th-9

august 7th-11

august 7th-13

august 7th-14

august 7th-15

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