Monday, February 23, 2015

Isaac's Photography

Isaac has been having fun taking pictures with one of our old cell phones. He is getting better and I figured out how to insert a microSD card into the phone to get the pictures off of it. So here are some good ones below with the last few being from today. I'll try to give captions. (sorry for the poor quality... what do you expect from a 2008 cell phone, haha and a 3 year old camera shake. It took him a while to finally listen to me, asking him to continue to hold it still even after he pressed the button and not to move until the sound had gone off. There is a little bit of delay in the phone's camera)

His play-mobile set: 

His animals lined up under his bed:


I took this of him:

This is Christine, she is our new nanny that comes every few weeks:

He likes taking pictures of toys:

He took this of me when we were loading up to head out the door one morning:

Emma in her carseat, up close and personal:

These last few were from today, Miss Emma:

A water main or something burst as our road was closed and filled with water/ice/snow (since it was single digits it wasn't liquid form for long). I was taking pictures and sending them to Kyle, he must have gone back with his phone to get some more photos. They ended up shutting our water off from about 9am to 1pm. Not exactly sure what was up but our whole block was this way. Other than the water shut off we weren't effected.

Surprised he got this of Harpo, the phone is rather slow so it's impressive Harpo stood still for him long enough. 

This was Kyle giving the babies a bath and posing for Isaac's camera.

Pretty fun seeing him grow into his own personality and play around independently. 

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Lesa Herrmann said...

Wanting to be like mom! He is a little artist in the making already.

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