Saturday, October 7, 2017

TCM Family Picnic & Magic Show

We had a fun day attending my midwife's family picnic event. My homebirth midwife, Kate (Twin Cities Midwifery) has various events throughout the year for her families. And this is one of the fun annual traditions we got to partake in this year.

The weather was kinda crummy so we didn't play on the nearby playground, but the kids still had a great time watching the magic show. Kate's husband is a magician.

The kids were laughing and enjoying the show.

When Mary saw that Kate had sat down near the front she got up to go sit with her. It was so cute when Mary first saw Kate she whispered to me with a big grin "There's midwife Kate" :-)

Mary got to be an assistant during the pizza act

Then a little later Isaac got to be a volunteer and pick a card from the giant deck

The kids had waited in line before the show for a balloon animal, but the line was long and the show needed to get started so they waited patiently and got their balloon art after the show. Here's Mary in her crown:

And Isaac watching his turtle get made:

It's my first weekend back to work so we came home and got the girls down from nap. I snapped some photos of Thomas because today he is 3 months! I'll post an official blog with his other photos later but I got these cute ones on my phone.

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