Friday, October 27, 2017

Grandparents Visit & Science Museum

Last weekend Kyle's parents came for a visit. This was their first time seeing Thomas. He was pretty excited as you can see :-) 

It was a gorgeous weekend and fall was in full swing. (definite change from today's weather of soggy leaves covered in snow)

This photo was actually Wednesday evening after we attended the girls school conference session. First photo of all four (in a casual setting - not in a photo shoot)

Friday we took advantage of our final days as Science Museum members. They had a new exhibit and we only had a week left of our membership so we wanted to check it out. It was a fun maze exhibit.

Thomas does so well just going with the flow. He really likes to stare down his 'friends': a lady bug and butterfly that hang from his car seat. He was staring cross-eyed and it was so funny, but by the time I got a photo his eyes went uncrossed. 

Making use of EVERY seat in our fan :-D full car ride! Grandpa Del was on Thomas duty.. who sometimes likes his car seat, sometimes not. Although he likes it more now than he used to so it could have been worse.

Friday afternoon we hung around the house and I got some sweet photos of Miss Mary:
mary swing-4

mary swing-5

mary swing-6

mary swing-10

Emma wasn't being as cooperative at getting her photo taken
emma -1

Saturday morning I took Isaac in to get his wrist looked at: check that out here. And Saturday night we hit up ZooBoo.

Sunday morning was Kyle and I's morning to volunteer at church. After service we met the grandparents at Coopers for brunch!

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