Saturday, October 28, 2017

October Odds & Ends

Isaac had his first school photo! 

We also started a 12 day read-a-thon for his school. Isaac set a goal of reading 30 minutes a day. Some of it he is doing and some of it I am reading to him (or Kyle). Last night he completed most of his minutes reading to his sisters.  Thomas likes to read with us.

We celebrated Harpo's 11th birthday on Thursday this past week. The kids were pretty excited it was his birthday and enjoyed giving him treats.

Some cute pictures of Thomas from this past week. 

He's my babywearing buddy. He loves to be close.

We had our FIRST snow of the season on Friday, October 27th. Emma kept saying "let's go play in the snow!" lol. Well there wasn't that much to play in. They actually went outside today and she got to 'play' in some of it. haha

These were from this morning before I had to go into work.

He's thinking about rolling over, had his body cocked to one side almost there! Eyeing that duck!

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