Monday, November 13, 2017

Halloween 2017

The kids had a fun night of trick-or-treating. We got all dressed up and waited for it to get dark enough to hit the neighborhood. 

We went to our next door neighbor's first and ran into some other kids from down the street. Isaac was pretty excited to bump into them and we ended up hitting the rest of the houses with them. Isaac says his favorite part was 'the halloween playdate'.

It's been fun getting to know our neighbors and before Isaac was in school we didn't realize there were so many kids on our street! The girls have a buddy just down our alley that they played soccer with and is also in their preschool class. We bumped into them too and hit a couple house. I just did one line of houses before the cold got to me and Thomas and I headed back home. 

A house two doors down goes all out for Halloween. They have a movie playing out side (at this time it was Charlie Brown something), a bomb fire and lots of decoration. We heard many kids hit our house and say "Let's go to the TV house!" 

My dad and brother were visiting, so it was nice having someone man the front door while we all went out with the kids. Kyle and my brother, Brad, stayed with the kids while I came back to see my dad. He had dressed up as Santa to pass out candy. I over heard a neighbor kid say "Why did they hire santa?" it was cute. 

Mary came back shortly after I did. It was pretty cold and she isn't as into candy as Emma is. Emma probably would have gone all night, she loved it. Once Isaac and Emma made it home I couldn't believe how full their candy buckets were!!! Candy lasted about a week, well allowing a few pieces here and there til Mary's bucket was empty. Then it 'went away', oh the whining and begging for candy drove me NUTS! 

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