Friday, November 24, 2017

Preschool Field Trip

Last week I was so thankful to get to go with the girls on a field trip. They don't typically go to school on Wednesdays but if a parent could attend, they were invited to go with the Wednesday class. I had a friend watch Thomas and we got to go! They were SOOO excited to get to ride in a bus, for the first time! And there were quite a few of their friends from class attend as well. 

Mary is beaming.

I sat with Mary and Emma was pretty proud to be getting to sit with Teacher Karen.

We went to a little spot called Imagination Theater. It was just a room, where we all sat on the floor to watch a cute little production.

It was a puppet production under black lights and was pretty cool. The lady came out ahead of time to clarify "Puppets aren't real. Puppets are controlled by puppeteers" (I used to be a puppeteer, :-P )

It was a story about emotions, each butterfly fairy was a different emotion. It was pretty cute with songs. As soon as it was over Emma said she wanted to come back tomorrow.

We rode the bus back. The girls had a great trip!

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