Friday, October 27, 2017

Boo Zoo 2017

This year we hit up the first weekend of Zoo Boo at the Como zoo. (this was last weekend, I work this weekend which is why we went to the opening weekend, bummer to miss out on the many other Halloween events taking place this weekend, maybe next year)

We got the obligatory costume photos before going in. I brought my nice camera like I normally do, but it is just so hard to lug around these days with four littles to tend to. And wearing Thomas with as a big spider was making it extremely difficult. So I got a few photos before going in and left the camera in the car :-( someday I'll get to photograph like I used to. By that time my camera will be so outdated....  
BooZoo 2017-1

BooZoo 2017-4

Real life here, attempting to get everyone to participate and look decent. Emma's face explains it all. 
BooZoo 2017-7

There this is better...
BooZoo 2017-12

We made it to the line, since we were a little after the opening time of 4:30 the bulk of the line had already gone inside so there wasn't a long one for us to stand in. 

In case you don't get my costume, Thomas is suppose to be the spider and I am the web. The girls are Poppy from the movie Trolls and Isaac is a bat. 

Kyle's folks got to tag along with it, I think they enjoyed it. Emma liked having grandma Cindy as a buddy. Emma is a BIG fan of trick-or-treating. She's been asking everyday to do it again and get more candy. I keep trying to explain that Halloween hasn't happened yet and we have yet to do the real deal, her mind will be blown in a few nights.

We stopped at the little game area for some fun

They all wanted their photo in the crab:

Johnny pops for EVERYONE!

We braved going on Saturday night even though it was calling for rain. We made perfect timing because once we got everyone loaded up in the van it started to rain! We managed to have dry weather for the whole walk through. Another good year at Zoo Boo.

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