Sunday, October 1, 2017

Uncle Josh's Visit

Last weekend, September  23rd, my brother came to visit for a long weekend. I picked him up Saturday and we came back to the kids' soccer game. 

He got to experience a 3 year old soccer game and all it's glory, like herding cats. The girls are getting a 'little' better about participating, now that we only have one game left in the season.

After the game they had a quick play on the playground. Josh was excited to check out the zip line at the park.

We came home for naps and then decided to take advantage of the crazy hot weather we were having at the end of September. So we walked down to our local beach for an early evening swim. It had gotten cloudy about this time but it was still hot.

Thomas's FIRST visit to the beach/lake. I was so glad we got to make this trip. It was nice having an extra adult with us to keep an eye on the kids and be in the water with them. And it relieved some of my mom guilt that I haven't gotten the older kids to the beach more this summer. We went a few times before Thomas was born, then Kyle took them once after Thomas arrived.

Sunday we stuck around the house a bit before leaving for lunch. Josh got to experience Thomas and his excitement for the star on his playmat. Josh asked "what is he so smiley about?" and had to get down to take a peek. It's a smiley face on the star that Thomas loves!

Then we went to New Bohemia for some lunch. Josh got the MEGA pretzel! Which was pretty much all that Emma ate, haha.

Then we went for a walk on the stone arch bridge to burn off some of that grease from lunch.

We came home for the girls to nap and Josh took Kyle's bike out for a workout at a nearby park. Then afterwards it was still so warm out we decided to hit the beach again, for what we knew would be our last visit of the season.



The next couple days we hung around the house and Josh got to experience crazy life with four little kids running around and about :-)

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