Tuesday, March 24, 2020

January House Projects

A few projects we worked on in January. 

Got that shelf hung, Kyle stained it, I attached the barn door hardware. I got these sticky tiles that look like wood for the back splash. 

Looks so much better than it did. I also hung a drying rack which I just realized I don't have a photo of. 

Installed a new motion touch-less faucet. At the old house we had a Kholer from Costco which gave us issues. This one is the same one my friend has a Moen. SOOOO much better! Def a better brand, could tell all the features are better. Loving it so far! 

Fixed my bike chain.

Paid to have the leaves removed from the yard, boy were there a TON!

You can't see in this photo but thought I"d share this to blog about it. We installed a light above Mary's desk. Emma already had one. We drilled some holes under and through the desk to route the wires in a hidden fashion, then the light is tucked up under the top to shine down on her desk. Light was from Ikea which I had bought in Minneapolis for under the cabinets here but there are already lights under the cabinets. 

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