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Isaac's 8th Birthday - First Sleepover

Friday, December 13, 2019

For Isaac's birthday party we had his very first sleepover. It was most if not all of these boy's first sleepover. We figure how often can you be in an empty house?? It's like camping but with electricity and toilets, haha. I borrowed a large tub of nurf guns from a friend at work. I made targets before all our stuff was moved out

We had a balloon countdown, I put games and schedule of events on slips of paper and when it was the time to pop the balloon we'd pop it and read what the next game was. They loved it and I think they loved popping the balloon more than anything. 

The boys started to arrive and first started playing with the nerf guns. 

Once everyone arrived we had a quick meeting to go over the house rules. 

Per Isaac's request we had domino's delivered and had dinner by the fire. 

As I mentioned Thomas loved Isaac's new game, everything was a little crazy for him and he wanted to just play off to the side. 

Besides nerf guns we had a game of sardines (which is reverse hide and seek) They LOVED that! 

Then we played a game of Football bingo I had made earlier in the day. Jana helped me get it all printed. Isaac loved the football bingo and helped me out with what team each logo was to call. 

I had asked for no gifts but of course someone always brings something :-P He enjoyed getting to open up a couple of gifts. 

Then it was time for a movie. We didn't have a TV but I had purchased an inexpensive projector just for this party. We plugged in our USB Roku and they all decided to watch Home Alone. 

Took a break to hand out the glow in the dark sticks I almost forgot about (I saw them when I went to put Thomas down for bed so ran them downstairs so they could get some use out of them)

Then an intermission to brush teeth, which we almost forgot to do too. 

Back to the movie then bed. Most everyone was asleep by 10. One little boy couldn't fall asleep til 11ish. I pulled an air mattress down and slept right outside the living room while Kyle stayed upstairs with the girls and Thomas. 

First to wake was Isaac and Logan about 6:30ish. Attempting to play in the dark. 

It didn't last long and everyone was awake within 15-20 minutes. 

Time for breakfast. I made cinnamon rolls. 

And they watched some cartoons while munching on breakfast. 

More nerf gun play in the morning. Followed by another game of sardines and another round of bingo. It was like a whole second party all before 9am :-D Thomas staying in the playroom to watch the cartoons.

It was a super fun party and really bittersweet given that it was also sort of good-bye to all his friends. Here's Isaac and Logan, his longest friend! 

The following Monday I go to vacuum some of the house, trying to keep it clean... it was making a SUPER weird noise... Well turns out when the canister is removed there are these two holes at perfect Thomas height and naturally he put a nerf bullet in each. No big deal for the one side cuz it just sucked into the canister.... the other side however was the air side and the dart went into the motor causing some damage. We had to run to Home Depot to get a special tool (which was currently on it's way to Kansas with the rest of our tools - I had kept back a normal screw driver but not a star one)

I did get most of it out. Not sure if it will ever run the same again, but it works for the most part. 

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