Saturday, March 14, 2020

Mama Friend Farewell Brunch

I'm clearly way behind with blog posts, so bear with me. 

Friday morning (December 13, 2019), my dear, bestest friend: Jana threw a wondering going away brunch for me. This is my ECFE mom tribe. I met most of these gals almost 8 years ago when Isaac was a baby in our first ECFE classes. 

Me and Sarah. Not only was she in that VERY first summer ECFE class with me when our boys were 6 months old, she is also Harpo's step-mom. She has loved on Harpo and watched him while we travel the past couple of years. I am so glad she's in my life and when I opened this towel from her I just started bawling. Missing these ladies so much already. 

Lisa was also in that first summer ECFE class. Her little Ruby-Kate was the oldest in the class with a September birthday followed by Isaac and his December birthday. Lisa gave me this snow globe so I could still have my snow in Kansas. She knows how much I love snow.

The margarita mix was because these gals are my Mom's night out at Rojo gang. Really wish I could meet up with them RIGHT now given all this crazy coronavirus stuff. 

Jana made an awesome spread of fruit yogurt bar and delicious scones and energy bites (my fav!)

Some more picture with the gals. I met Jennie the year the girls were in ECFE, her daughter is the girls age and she has a son Isaac's age as well. She did one of the triathlons last summer with me. Hopefully when I get back we can do another trip together! 

I met Blair in the girls ECFE too!

And me and Jana! We immediately bonded over breastfeeding and baby-led weaning when our boys were 9 and 6 months. Then we were pregnant with our second (and me third) together. Then again pregnant with our fourth (her third) together. Been through so much with this lady, she was my emergency contact. She took Isaac in when we were having the girls in the hospital and she watched the girls when I was riding with Isaac in the ambulance after he got hit by a car. Even though we're miles and miles away, I'm thankful we can still stay in touch via phone and social media. 

A few of the boys playing! 

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